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Konbit Haiti is a grassroots movement that believes that it is together we heal & together we thrive.

Konbit Haiti is a 501(c)3 nonprofit in both Haiti and the United States which helps communities thrive through using local leaders, appropriate technologies, and indigenous wisdom.  We don't believe that a community's story begins when a group arrives or when a non-profit is started; we believe that God is at work in all of us from the beginning. Konbit Haiti aims to connect people together to make the biggest impact, to partner together, and to link arms to make a change in rural communities in Haiti. 

Our mission is to partner with communities to thrive by developing the family, business, and the environment. With each program, training, and project we do, we keep this in mind. We believe that when we partner with communities instead of doing for them, we can see our vision come to light: a world where communities transform themselves to thrive!

At the heart of Konbit is working together, this is what the very word konbit means. We seek to build such a community that links people from all over the world together to make lasting change in Haiti. We are better together and through impacting the world, we also impact ourselves! 




Konbit Haiti utilizes local experts, community developers, and leaders to create lasting change in communities. 

Too often, projects and programs are started without the end in mind. They are also started without understanding things like context, culture, and the felt needs of a community. Our approach is simple: we work as local people and in conjunction with local people who are capable of understanding the complexities of development work. They are able to use each dollar wisely, able to understand the nuances of culture, and are able to go where so many outsiders cannot go. Our approach is utilizing Haitian and Dominican leaders to create, grow, and use their voices for change in their communities.

We use research-based, culturally appropriate methods to implement programs, projects, and training seminars. 

International partners do have such a big role! Their advocacy, love, experience, technical advice, wisdom, and giving provide us with a unique organization. When we come together, we understand that we can heal and thrive together--which is much better than doing this alone. 

We invite you to check out our particular programs, our upcoming events and sign up for our newsletter to get involved.