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We focus on holistic development from the bottom-up. Read on to see how this happens. 


Our programs are locally initiated, operated, and maintained. Haitian leadership is core to who we are as an organization, and we believe that this is one of the ways Haiti will move forward. Our program and project directors have educations, experiences, and more, which prepares them well for the job ahead of them. 

We are always looking for ways to help communities heal and thrive together, changing, growing, and adapting as needed. 

Community Development

Standing with Families

Water Projects

Our focus is on holistic community development that starts with the family. We believe in standing with families at-risk, helping them focus on basic needs and training so they do not end up feeling alone and that they need to make a heart-breaking decision to abandon their child at an institution. Our development model focuses on building and maintaining resilient structures through grassroots development. 

Leadership Seminars + Training

We believe in partnering together to raise up more local leaders in Haiti. Using both local, indigenous knowledge and internationals who are experts in their fields, we are able to offer all kinds of training. Our belief is with the Haitian value that Haitians are ultimately the ones to change their country, so we want to stand with local leaders and equip them for service. 

Our training has given way to monthly and annual meet-ups, like a monthly Pastor's Coalition and many conferences. 

Families are often broken in Haiti. This is largely due to the presence of institutions like orphanages. 80% of Haiti's kids in orphanages have families who would like to take care of them, they just can't. We invest our time, money, and resources into communicating that families are not alone. Through conferences, seminars, and programs for children + adults, we help families heal + thrive. 

Camps + Programs for Kids

Each summer, we run a 5-week day camp for local community children. This time teaches students life skills, they have fun and learn, and they are fed 2 meals. This fills in the gaps between the school year and time with family, relieving the financial burden of feeding children in Haiti. Children also learn about God in a safe and culturally appropriate space!

We also run multiple programs throughout the year: Mother's Day, Christmas Camp, After-School program... and more! 

Our water projects focus on lo-tech solutions for W.A.S.H problems (Water, Sanitation, Hygiene). Over half of the population in Haiti has a W.A.S.H. related issue. To combat these challenges, our Water Directors have been trained and on the job for 5+ years. They work alongside communities to come up with creative solutions for their own community's needs. These projects happen in various Haitian communities and in the Dominican Republic.

Social Enterprise Development

We help start, maintain, and create plans for businesses in our community. Our training and business creation focus on helping business-minded people navigate the ins and outs of a small business. 

-Fanm Konbit Sewing Program

-Ekip Sages Concrete Team

-Moringa Co-Op

-Coffee Program

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Protecting Vulnerable Families + Supporting Haitian-Led Development