Zach in Togo, West Africa!

While in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, this summer, we met a guy named Zach. He had just graduated high school and had a big interest in what Justice Water was doing. He was on our short-term outreach team, and helped in the completion of two tanks in 4 days!

Later, he led his team to build two more tanks in Haiti over the summer. One, for a needy orphanage and one for a church in a poor area. Zach is obviously a gifted guy- so we were so excited to see that he was going to be headed back to Kona to staff Justice Water! As a matter of fact, he landed on the day we did.

Here in Kona, Zach has been teaching alongside Ryan and learning more about clean water technologies. Currently, Zach is representing Justice Water on location in Togo, West Africa. He is loving it there…and here’s a photo to prove it! While there, he’s teaching a number of Togolese how to make RUS pumps, rain catchment tanks and how to to use the sun to make clean drinking water. We are looking forward to seeing how this multiplies in the coming months!

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