Update from the Haiti Orphanage Team

This is a small update from some of the students we trained in Haiti. They stayed in Haiti and began working at an orphanage that opened its doors just after the earthquake.

“hey! the tank building is going great! we haven’t had any complications and things have been going so smooth. currently we are putting another coat on the inside and making the bowl. i’m so happy with how everything has been going 🙂 in our down time we have been hanging out together on the beach and stuff so its been pretty amazing. there are some local people working right next to us and their attitudes have changes so much since we have been here. they were so surprised to see the unity we have and to see women working. God is moving!” (student leader, Stephen Davidson)

When we left Haiti, we left our forms with this incredible team of young people who have such an enthusiasm and heart for clean water within the country. Many of the westerners are fluent in Creole! This orphanage is proof of the multiplication effect we were hoping for. These students are empowering others to bring clean water to people! We are really excited to be a part of this and will continue to update you as we receive information!

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