{The things pictures don’t say}

I have been doing “photo updates” lately because I feel like they capture, at least in part, what we are doing here in Hispaniola. It is always pretty difficult to put into words what happens here on a daily basis. 


I have found that I am always thinking about what my pictures convey and how we share them, too.




We have been busy running a campaign that is mostly awareness and a little fundraising for our Justice Water projects here in Hispaniola. People are really coming out to support us in this endeavor! Using the hashtag #cleanwaterblue, people are posting selfies and dying their hair blue for the cause! It’s bringing a lot of awareness to the clean water crisis and raising a bit of money for our cause. Not too late to get in on the fun! Post your selfie to facebook or instagram with the hashtag and you’ll be entered in for a prize, too! 🙂


My cousins also visited us in the Dominican Republic. It was neat to show them the Dominican side of the island, as most of our visitors come to Haiti. They saw a Justice Water worksite and were also able to do some fun non-tourist stuff with us. We loved having them with us 🙂

We have totally felt the support of our friends and family during this time of growth in Haiti and the Dominican Republic. It has certainly been a season unlike any other- and we are so thankful for those trying times because they make seasons like this one all the more sweet!


What a time it has been so far- adjusting to our offices, working on Konbit’s development, working with our friends here with Justice Water. We are so privileged to be able to work with such amazing people. Thank you for your support!

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