The Dusty Orphanage

In so many ways, we have gotten used to Haiti. Sometimes we find ourselves fighting the “This is just the way Haiti is” mentality, which is never good to use to explain the extreme poverty and need away. We have seen literally thousands upon thousands of orphans and orphanages. Some are amazing– like Annie who works with children who have disabilities, often bringing them home to Michigan and getting them prosthetics or New Life Orphanage, which is an almost completely self-sustaining orphanage. There are more…some which should be shut down for the sheer injustice that goes on within the walls. There are those few, too, who are run by amazing, local people with no financial support. Those are the ones that get to me the most. I think all of us have a spot for those orphanages. We are now back in Port-Au-Prince, where we will be until our flight leaves on the night of March 4th. The long-term missionaries here have just discovered an orphanage about an hour away in the outskirts of Port-Au-Prince in a smaller tent community. We had the extreme pleasure of visiting this place. This week, we visited them and spent some good time with the kids. They have two tarps that serve as…well, everything, as of now. We brought them tents and set them up as the new “Children’s Dorms”. We played games and gave them a party at the end of the week. Laughing, singing and having a good time, we enjoyed our time with the children there. We also brought lots of food, so they will have a supply for a while.

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