Tank Check Ups

We loved checking up on the tanks and involving more locals than before! It was great to see how, a year later, the people are loving the tanks more than before. 🙂

Here are a few photos from our mini-tank, right in PAP. This provides water for a Pastor’s family and also served as a teaching tool for the community.

Mini Tank in Port-Au-Prince

In Oceanview, our team members Stephen and Zach did two rain catchment tanks after we taught them last summer. Here are a few from the tank there that allows babies to bathe in something other than salt water!

The tank in Oceanview

Here are some pictures of a tank next to a church in Montrouis. We didn’t realize last year, but we built the tank under a Moringa Tree! We were able to show the caretaker of that tank how to clean the bowl filter.

Teaching our Haitian friend about maintenance of the tank’s bowl filter

Adding a diverter pipe

Here are a few from the Number 7 Orphanage, as well. Ryan was able to connect with some locals who wanted to know how to build their own catchment tank. Dax and some of the other guys were able to teach using some videos, as well!

Number 7

The lid of the tank at the Number 7

Our team photographer, Rachel Fears, did a great job! You can check them out at Daxandrachel.com, as well!

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