Rain Tank in San Pedro

As we continue to train Jose Luis, our friend here in the Dominican Republic, we are seeing all kinds of cool things happening. This week, we have moved on to training Jose Luis on rain catchment tanks- the project we on the island of Hispaniola are most accustomed to teaching locals and constructing together.

This week, Jose Luis took us to to an incredibly picturesque location in San Pedro. He is good friends with the Pastor Mindoza and his wife, Philipa. These two have a history with Jose Luis and we love being invited in to simply educate, train and construct alongside of these long term relationships and friends. It is in these moments which I am thankful for our work here on the island- because although it hasn’t been perfect, we have learned that the best kind of “mission work” is the kind which brings greater reconciliation to international missions. We are learning more and more about our own personal place in that.

Mindoza and his wife live in a Homes of Hope house, built by the YWAM base with whom we partner with here in San Pedro. Next to it, they have constructed a small school house, where they receive impoverished children and give them a place to learn for a few hours. Next month, they will be getting a larger facility, which will hopefully attract more teachers committed to helping this amazing couple.

The rain catchment tank will serve as a collection tank for rain water during the rainy season, helping the pastor cut down on costs for clean drinking water for the many children who come in and out of the school house doors. He was happy to learn from the project leaders, Zach, Jonas and Jose Luis- and to bring along some of his own friends to help build the catchment tank. We appreciate the fact that we can work with some one who is so central to the community because people are less likely to tell the “white person” what he wants to hear. Instead, they ask questions and really allow themselves to understand the technology and more- all because the person is one of them. This, truly, is why empowerment must happen in order for missions to be effective.

We were happy to partner with this small family, with the local guys in the community and with God, to bring the gift of clean water and training to these group.


Project Manager, Zach and Community Director in Training, Jose Luis


Jose Luis and Jesselyn, our Indigenous Staff Coordinator 


Cuties hanging out over the top of the rain catchment tank


The lid for the rain catchment tank


This is the way this community WAS collecting rain water. Innovative, but definitely brews some mosquitos and the diseases they bring. 



These are a few views from the current, small school house. Next month, they are getting a new facility and the rain tank will be attached to that.


This lively, wonderful guy is Pastor Mindosa. He has been eager to learn about catchment tanks and he is a passionate man who truly loves God.


Love these two: Zach and Sara. 


Jose Luis! 


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