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Here’s a brief look at our time in Montrious– at a beautiful place, that is also very strategic to ministry! It is close to both Port-Au-Prince and St. Marc, making it accessible and only a few miles from the mountains and poor beach towns which are both in need of clean water.

Meet Philipson- we’ve been working with him over the past two years. He’s a 27 year old Haitian who is changing the face of Haiti! We love working with him and hearing all of his input!

In this fishing town, fishermen like this guy wake up before the sun rises to catch bait fish…then, if they are successful, they go out during the day to catch the fish they are going to sell. These guys are hard workers!

This time in Montrious was spent on the staff development and discipleship portion of our ministry. One of our favorite people in the states, shout out Brenda!, helped us give the Myers-Briggs test to some of our Haitian staff. They were REALLY excited to learn about the kind of people God made them to be.

We did a lot of staff development and training- as well as brainstorming and praying. The beautiful part? It was all outside in the beautiful Caribbean.

Jen is amazing with these kids at the Number 7 Orphanage. We’ve been working with this ministry for over 2 years now. Because of our influence, they now use the rain catchment tanks and wash their hands using a tippy tap.

Jean Celiene (oops, I thought her name was Jocelyn this whole time)…one of the most precious girls in all of Haiti. It was great to see her again!

On our break, Ryan jumped in the water and made friends with this guy!

Every time we come to this orphanage, Jenessa and I take the same picture with our sweet girl. She knows the drill by now, haha!

Hanging out and doing is always fun with Ryan. We loved being in Montrious, dreaming together, casting vision and listening to the staff’s dreams and goals, too! We are really excited to be running Justice Water over the Caribbean, especially as we begin in Haiti!

Thank you so much for your support and love. We love you guys!!

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