It’s really crazy sometimes to think we have been a part of the work being done in Haiti for a number of years now. Like, its really crazy to me. No longer are we making mistakes! (justtttt kidding, we are always doing that). But, really, it is quite awesome that we have been consistently used in a place like Haiti to empower, encourage and partner alongside others who are doing amazing things here, as well.

As mentioned before, Montrouis, the small ocean-side town in Haiti, serves as our “hometown” here. It is where Ryan, Jenessa (one of our staff) and I started our ministry back in 2010 with our outreach team and it is where we have a great amount of relationship, as well. More than that, it seems like it is always popping up. We work with Haitians in the DR sometimes and they almost always seem to be from Montrouis. Cool, huh?

Montrouis is also our “home base” currently, as we work alongside some amazing men and women to help them bring Justice Water training to their own communities and friends and families. We are wrapping up our Community Director training in a few weeks and will be sending our guys out into different parts of Haiti to “do” Justice Water on their own (with support from us). This week, right before we begin our seminars, we are building a rain catchment tank in this community we have loved for so long.

It’s neat, because our projects are now not these “random” drop down tanks, but those which come from true relationship. It’s always a work in progress, and we don’t do things perfectly, but it is cool to see old friends and to continue to train up local people to do this ministry!


This photo above is from 2010- when we first started helping with their nighttime services. 


Side note: This school has now been officially taken over by some friends of ours and our Justice Water Haiti staff alumni, Jacques and his wife, Emily. If you are interested in donating towards a teacher’s salary here, please click this link: http://theseliscarstory.com/2014/10/16/if-you-have-the-time/

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