Azua’s First Rain Tank

Upon our arrival here in the Dominican Republic, we hit the ground running. I love having such a focused ministry to be a part of…it allows us to parter with locals and begin as soon as we enter the country.

Three Justice Water guys, Jamie, Stephen and Sean, were in the DR for two weeks prior to our arrival there and were hit with an unexpected opportunity to begin an underground rain catchment tank in a poor community in Azua.

Many Haitians cross the border with hopes for a better life, and end up in these poor bate’ communities, many without access to safe drinking water. They experience severe persecution and racism, and must find a way to provide for their families. The very little money they have is often spent on clean drinking water, so it was so amazing to be able to provide for them in this way!

It was such a joy to see locals working alongside of some of the staff. The Justice Water guys did a huge chunk of the tank prior to our arrival, but we were able to jump right in! We are so excited for the rest of the summer. 🙂

Finished Rain Tank!
Blondine helping by bringing water for cement mixing

Working on the tank
Ryan and Jamie working on the gutters
Stephen and a local mixing cement
Sifting sand
Ryan working on gutter system
Some locals from the Bate' area
Connecting the Gutters
Jamie connecting the gutters
Blondine and Vanessa taking a break
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