A Photo Update: April

Whew! This has been a crazy amazing month. We have seen God’s faithfulness in so many areas. We continue to learn more about ministry and missions, third world culture and NGOs– and we are also learning heaps about ourselves. In this, we are able to continue to run forward with the vision and mission we feel burning on our hearts- to empower, equip and love the people of this wonderful tropical island of Hispaniola.

Exploring this beautiful island with my main squeeze

Getting our hair did at the orphanage

Easter morning

Our new Justice Water staff, Joshua (Rony and Asnite’s little boy)

They love one another! Rony and Asnite.

Reunited with Philipson, our Justice Water Community Director for the Port-Au-Prince area

A team working in the 5th section with us. They ran a medical clinic and we were able to check on the water projects there and plan for the future.

Using clean water from the rain tank to give thirsty people water at the clinic

Broken bio-sand filters show the need for DEVELOPMENT and not aid. We are training our long-term presence, Justice Water Community Director, Rony, to teach local people how to build, maintain and fix bio sand filters in this area of the 5th section.

Lubin, 5th section

Pastor Bo, the man of peace in Lubin who has given his life to serve the people there.

Beginning to teach the children about gardening at the orphanage. So good.

These kiddos love Ryan so big

A big thank you to the people who support this orphanage every month. Look at that food!

The crew. L2R: Jesselyn, Philipson, Steph, Jenessa, Rony and Ryan

Chilling after a long day

Our tank at in Lubins, which provides clean drinking water to some members of the community

Ryan and Rony, quite the team.

As you can see, April was super busy! And, May has been just as crazy. Because our development work through Justice Water takes us back and forth from Haiti and the DR, it has caused us to live in quite a few crazy locations in the past. Therefore, this year we have taken the appropriate steps to be healthy and ultimately more effective in our ministry here. We have rented a house in Haiti, which will serve as the Justice Water House, office, etc. and will eventually host teams and our long term vision of having community development in that town. We also have rented an apartment in the Dominican Republic, where our largest Dominican ministry is, so we can continue to teach, empower and encourage the work being done here, as well. It has been a busy, fruitful time and we are continually grateful for your support, prayers and love! We love you all.

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