A Look at COTA’s Trip To Haiti-Ryan’s Post!

This trip to Haiti was really incredible because one of our primary objectives in missions is to unite the church in the States to the church in Haiti.  Before the devastating earthquake in 2010 there were over 10,000 registered NGO’s operating in Haiti.  Most of them do the exact same thing right next to each other and from our experience they rarely, if ever, work together.  Our heart in ministry has always been to partner with other ministries because we believe that is what the church is called to do.  Haiti is an “evangelized” nation, much like Rwanda was considered fully “evangelized” to just 4 years before the devastating genocide.  Our experience tells us that evangelized to doesn’t equate depth or an actual relationship with Jesus.  During this trip, we were able to partner with 3 other existing ministries, 3 churches, and 2 schools in the area, most of whom consistently wonder why we do so.  It’s unique to Haiti.  But, in a place where Jesus is everywhere (his long flowing white hair portrait literally painted on the sides of buildings and most public transportation vehicles) yet where He is also nowhere to be seen, we get to be the thing that Jesus asked us to do in His prayer to the Father in John 17 where He prayed for the disciples to walk in unity with each other so that the people might see the Father.  That is our heart in ministry, the unique thing about it is that not only do the locals see Jesus when we walk in humility via partnership while in Haiti but those who actually do the ministry get to see a truer picture of Jesus as well!  When we choose to walk in humility in ministry and in Haiti, when our church comes down to work with the locals with the heart of humbly serving and partnering, it is then that we get to really see what is going on in Haiti.  When we walk in humility and unity in ministry, in church, in life, we get to see behind the scenes, we get to see glimpses of life through God’s eyes and not merely our own.  When we walk with God through those traits we see His character, His goodness shining through in the “hardest, darkest, most chaotic places” as Haiti is often described as.  When I think of Haiti, I think of the eternal work that God is doing in that place because I recognize none is mine own, He increases, while we decrease.


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