Haiti has hundreds of registered and non-registered children's homes and orphanages. While it is worth considering that these institutions were created by people with loving hearts, it is also important to know this: over 80% of children in Haiti's orphanages have parents that say they'd take care of them if they could ( This means that something that was created to be a loving alternative to family care can actually oftentimes be an option that takes kids away from their families, instead of empowering the entire family structure. 

we want to change this narrative.

Through research, talking with local families, and creative problem solving, Konbit Haiti has come up with many solutions to combat this challenge. All solutions involve programming, rhetoric, and projects that exist to empower, educate, and stand alongside Haiti's vulnerable families. Through education, programs, and more, families know that they are stood with in the middle of challenges. Families know that we believe they are the ones best suited to raise their children and that parents can take care of their precious little ones. 

What we all once viewed as tragic abandonment has turned into a catalyst for change in our communities.


Parents do not want to take their kids to an orphanage, but sometimes that is the only option to feed their kids. Now, these parents and children have options. 

Single mamas couldn't afford to feed their children. Now, they are part of our sewing group, making a consistent income, and are providing for their children. 

Single parents, kids, and caregivers felt hopeless. Now, they feel hopeful with Konbit Haiti coming alongside of them. 

we invite you to be a part of this family