For the last several years, we have partnered with a local leader and Konbit Haiti Director of Family Ministries, Clelie, to put on an amazing summer camp. Read below for what it looks like and how you can get involved.

What is camp?

Summer camp is a 5-week, full-day experience for the children of Souboy, Haiti, and surrounding areas. Over the years, it has gone from serving a handful of kids to over 200 kids. Camp has been publically recognized by the mayor of Montrouis, Haiti, and has been designed and implemented by Haitian partner, Clelie. 

Camp is designed to stand in the gap for families in our community. Kids receive instruction, a safe place to be a kid, and a hot meal. This meal is vital to children in Haiti during the summer when school (their primary source of food) is out for summer.


Who benefits?

Blue and Yellow Family Photo Father's Da

In short, families in our community benefit.

Families in Haiti have many circumstances working against them, though their family ties are strong. Without access to certain things like a consistent income or structural help, families are at-risk of choosing to place their children in an institution. With our camp, parents can know their children are well cared for and fed. They become caretakers of their children instead of merely trying to survive. 

Kids in Haiti also benefit. Without access to school, children have a challenging time finding anything to do over the summer... which means many of them get in trouble or lured into situations that are dangerous for them. This camp allows these kids to be kids! We play games, learn lessons, have mentorship, and eat! Older kids also learn life and potential job skills.

How can I help?

There are a few ways to help! 

  • Pray! Pray for our leadership, our kids, our community, and against COVID-19. We are doing all we can to social distance and keep classes smaller and more spread out. 

  • Financially Support! We need money to put this camp on and this is a huge way you can help. $7 gives one meal to a child. We want to feed as many kids as we can for 30 days. 

  • Shop our Amazon Wish List by clicking HERE.

  • Advocate + Connect! We hope to reach as many people as possible with our message of hope + ways to get involved in Haiti! If your business or organization would like to get involved, please reach out at or We can't thank you enough! 

Link arms with us!

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Are there any perks to giving?

Besides joining our growing Konbit Haiti family (and it really is a family, we pray for and champion you as you do us!), you also can get some fun rewards. Check them out: 

  • Give $50, get a poly-bag that was hand-sewn by Konbit Haiti mamas

  • Give $100, get Moringa Superfood Powder farmed, dried, packaged, and processed in Konbit Haiti's facilities. 

  • Give $500, get a poly-bag tote filled with goodies!

  • Give $1,000, get a Larkin Peters Haiti print, matted and framed for you to remember your Konbit Haiti fam. 

  • Give $2,000, get a monthly coffee delivery from Konbit Collective for a year (12 months)! We have a traditional Haitian roast with sugar cane, Dark Haitian roast, and a medium roast in collaboration with Chaleur Coffee! 


Join the fam!

Just fill this out and in the notes, please write "Camp" and any other notes!